It’s all about you, kids.

It’s the last day of IC awareness month and I feel that since I was pretty much out of commission for the past 60 days and didn’t get to implement any of my fun awareness projects like I usually do, I should say something today before it’s all over. Well, the awareness projects are never really over, I suppose. We just get extra motivated when this month rolls around since it is dedicated to making other learn about these conditions whether they want to or not. That being said, I shall go on and on about just what I think we’re capable of when it comes to this whole awareness thing. Because honestly , I know that everyone who wants to get involved in raising awareness is capable of making this whole entire world listen to what we have to say. At least, that’s how I look at it.  I guess …

Go Blue for IC Awareness Month- Blue Hair, Don’t Care!

A Vlog by yours truly explaining why I’m asking everyone to dye or turn (whichever way you choose) their hair blue in honor of Interstitial Cystitis Awareness month. Why blue? Well, because turquoise/blue is our color and what better way to grab the public’s attention than by doing something drastic and changing your hair color to a nice shade of smurf? Watch the video! Feel free to ask any questions. Go here for more information about IC awareness month and go here for all things informational and interesting about IC  

IC more than just a voice…IC a face.

I decided that although I love writing, I do better at talking. I ramble a lot but I get my point across. Most of the time IC patients reach out to each other through the internet, phone calls, emails, support groups, etc. These days it’s rare to go to an actual support group meeting because so many of us are dealing with our medical issues in our own bathrooms and screaming into pillows from the frustration in our own living rooms. I just wanted to personalize a bit…give people a chance to see that i’m more than just a face on a blog or another IC patient in a group. This is the first video blog so bare with me….it’ll get better as we go!

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