We Are Very Rare & We Are Mostly Men

Ahh the question of the week. Tali “ why would get that tattooed on your chest”? It’s turned into my favorite conversation, my favorite question, and ultimately my favorite trick on the rest of the human population that find themselves looking at my chest not so much to look at my boobs (which is odd because everyone looks at boobs just to look at boobs…men, women, children) , but to figure out if that saying means those boobs are fake and I’m really a man or if it’s just a very off joke. Anyway I look at it, it’s highly amusing and wonderful and hilarious and that means that this tat has officially served the first half of it’s purpose which was simply to get people asking questions. Why you ask? Because people don’t’ ask enough of those these days. I miss when everyone questioned everything…trust wasn’t thrown around as loosely …

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